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The Ridge Route Ranch is surrounded by areas that will make you think you have gone back in time. But we understand convenience and being connected to the rest of the world. The Ranch is not off the grid but is self sufficient for water and electricity. Always available for a candid photo are Star (pictured below) and XXXX, the longhorn steer as well as horses, and numerous ranch animals.

  • Animal Alley {proprietary to us}
  • Trails, Dirt Roads
  • Pine Forests, Majestic Oaks,
  • Valleys, Make-Shift Creek, Open Areas
  • Amazing Views
  • Mountains
  • Easy-Entrance/Exit
  • Large Gravel Parking Lot off Ridge Route Road

Location Rates:

  • $2500/per day to rent entire property, including ranch house and outbuildings
  • $500/per day for just the gravel parking lot
  • $1250/per day prep and wrap days
  • animals per day. Call for a rate—different rates apply for large and herd animal needs)
  • site manager fee $200-300/ per day

Different rates apply for large and herd animal needs.


For exact budgeting and more information please call Ridge Route Ranch at (661) 817-3483

Natural settings set up for filming

The Ridge Route Ranch is on the edge of the secondary film zone. To view the map please click here for Filming Zone 2.


Many production companies request a waiver. Drive time from Hollywood to the Ranch is less than the drive time to Lake Hughes or Lake Elizabeth. For more information, please go to

Location Filming Agreement

To download the Location Agreement click here:

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Ridge Route Ranch

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